About Smarter Performance – Sports Performance coaching.

SMARTER Performance is a multi-disciplinary sports performance business based in Horsham, West Sussex. We are passionate about supporting individuals and teams of all abilities, from complete beginners through to professional athletes, parents, coaches and team members, to achieve their maximum performance potential.

Our sports performance coaches provide expert advice, practical and emotional support and guidance on a 1-2-1, group or online coaching basis – or a combination of the three. We develop training initiatives that reflect the specific bespoke needs of the individual, team or organisation.

We understand what it takes to become a successful athlete or team. Equally, we understand the pressures both physically and psychologically that this demands – our unique multi-disciplinary approach looks at the role of both the body and mind in relation to athletic performance and together, we break down physical and mental barriers that are blocking your success.

Our experience in working with young talented athletes and developing international elite-level athletes & teams reflects years of sports coaching and competing at the highest levels.

For athletes recovering from an injury or surgery, we offer a wealth of knowledge and training experience with our SMARTER Performance S&C Training Staff, our In-House Physiotherapist, Sports Osteopath and Sports Therapists.

Our resident nutritional coach supports individuals through developing realistic and achievable nutrition plans that fuel your body and address any underlying imbalances.