Sports injury and rehab clinic in Horsham, West Sussex.

SMARTER Performance Sports Injury Clinic (The SP Sports Injury Clinic) is based in Horsham, West Sussex and offers a facility dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of sports injuries and musculoskeletal issues.

Rehabilitation coaching

Our approach utilises our extensive experience in sports-related injuries and we always aim to treat your injury in a way that allows you to remain as active as possible throughout your rehabilitation process. Like you, we wish you to return to training and competition as quickly as possible, but not before you are stronger and more able to handle the stresses and demands that your sport places upon your body. Importantly, we aim to educate as well as treat, so that when you return to your sporting activity, you are armed with the knowledge to prevent the likelihood of further, subsequent injuries.

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The SP Sports Injury Clinic involves the application of rehabilitation science to help prevent, diagnose and treat injuries related to sport. Our expert sports rehabilitation coaching team are able to provide athletes with the following support services:

Sports Therapy

We manage a variety of sports injuries such as torn hamstrings, Achilles, knee pain and shoulder injuries such rotator cuff tears. We treat acute on-field injuries (e.g. rugby, football) and administer advanced electrotherapy techniques (e.g. ultrasound and interferential) to speed blood flow and healing.

Sports Osteopathy

The following conditions can be treated and rehabilitated to achieve a successful and timely return to performance: sports knee injuries; soft tissue knee injuries including ACL, PCL, MCL, multi-ligament injury; meniscal tears; patella instability and anterior knee pain; patella tendinopathy; shoulder rehabilitation.