Strength and conditioning coaching in Horsham.

Strength and performance are determined by far more than just your physical abilities.

To be the best athlete possible, we look at the complete picture – our strength and conditioning coaching (S&C coaching) encompasses a review of your physiological and biomechanical makeup, as well as your psychological state and any nutritional deficiencies or dietary issues.

Speak to a SMARTER Performance Strength & Conditioning Coach

SMARTER Performance strength and conditioning coaches tailor their programmes to suit each individual athlete or squad; our evidence-based strength and conditioning support may include:

  • Needs analysis and athlete assessment
  • Implementation and monitoring of periodised training programmes
  • Injury prevention and recovery strategies
  • Weights room and on-field strength and conditioning training
  • Technical support
  • An interdisciplinary approach
  • Implementation of the principles of long-term athlete development (LTAD)